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1st Jan, 1970

An opportunity to do good - Campaigning for Aimes-Afrique

Posted: April 26, 2012 15:41 by Faisal Mooraby

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Village life in SomalilandImagine tomorrow you wake up in  a town with no doctor. Imagine that you will not find a nurse or chemist either. In fact, this town does not have any health care facility in any form. Imagine that you discovered that you have aquired an infection on one of your toes.

This infection can spread to your whole leg, which can become yellow or black and become fatal. Or it could be that you have a tumour on your neck or nose as big as your head. How would you cope?

infectionThe above scenario is very real in rural parts of Africa. A lot of men and women of villages in the world’s second largest and second most populous continent die without having seen a doctor or nurse in their lifetime. The problem being they live in areas so disconnected from urban areas.

Aimes-Afrique is a non-governmental organisation which is helping these people by bringing health care and awareness to remote and impoverished communities in Africa for free. To demonstrate this institution’s work, to date, Dr. Kodom, the founder of Aimes-Afrique, and his team , has conducted over 10,000 operations since 2007.  Clearly, Aimes-Afrique is doing a great job. But more help is needed!

I intend to launch an awareness campaign to encourage doctors, nurses and other health care to signup to Aimes-Afrique and help people in need of medical support in remote areas of Africa. The campaign objective is to get a celebrity doctor to write about Aimes-Afrique in a medical journal, thus mobilising more health care professionals to the cause.


It means a lot to me to see people achieve a better life, especially in terms of health. My grandfather, uncles and aunties have fought against diabetes, heart diseases or cancer during their life-time. It’s a scenario all too common to many of us. The battle of my relatives was not easy and what about those without appropriate facilities around them?

I invite you to join me to get more health care professionals to help people in need in rural Africa. I invite you to join me in getting a celebrity doctor to write on Aimes-Afrique. Wouldn’t it be rewarding to do something good and bring a smile to someone in need!

So Let’s get a Celebrity Doctor to write about Aimes-Afrique!


Image attribution in order: "Village life in Somaliland" by Charles Roffey, "infection" by daniel, "Fluoroscope" by Cindy B, and "Regard" by DeGust. All images in this post are under Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND.

Posted: April 26, 2012 15:41 by Faisal Mooraby with .

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