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27th Jun, 2011

JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Day 3
by Faisal Mooraby on June 27, 2011 10:21


Events » un brainstorm.jpgDay 3

As I mentioned in the Day 2 post, we can take on board the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by convincing our businesses and employers. In Day 3, Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, showed how Businesses are becoming active, within the UN, in working towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). There is an acknowledgement that Governments are not sufficient to achieve these goals and also more and more businesses are acknowledging the benefits of social projects. The Global Compact make sure that its members (companies) have to report on their performances related to MDG internally (i.e. they are not passive members and that they do not violate the MDG in being corrupted or negligent). The Global Compact is generating results but unfortunately only 6000 global companies are listed. Again, we can convince our partners, clients or employers in joining the list. We can promote the MDG by convincing perhaps our trainers to spread the word.


In the day 3 panel of discussion, we were privilege to hear from speakers Martin Rendon, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy of U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Wayne Clarke, Managing Partner for Best Companies Partnership, and Dr. Michel Kodom, Founding President of Aimes Afrique. Mr. Rendon, emphasised how and why we should mobilise our politicians, locally and nationally, in funding for children around the world. The importance for us to be part of the global civil society (which we are already). After all, as he pointed, children constitute of the future of our world. Mr Clarke, on the other hand, showed measurable evidences of the economic benefits that companies can fully enjoy when they invest in social projects and caring for their employees interests. He also showed the danger that awaits these companies by not investing socially as well. Dr. Kodom on the other hand, presented a very emotional video on health problems in Africa. It was painful to hear that some people in Africa are born and die without having seen a doctor. It was again very emotional when he declined help from politicians in Africa. He explained that he required help from doctors around the world (GPs or specialists) in donating their time, even if its only one month or two of their time. As JCI members, being active citizens, we can engage with our GPs or look at our contacts to let other doctors know. Even if only one doctor agrees to volunteer, it's a gain for the World.


Working sessions

After lunch, we were split in 9 groups to work on a JCI resolution to be presented at the World Congress. 3 groups worked on Health and Well-being, 3 on Education and Economic Empowerment, and another 3 worked on Sustainability. I was in an Education and Economic Empowerment group, moderated by Vice President Lesley Young. The energy within the group was high. Lesley showed leadership by making sure that we do not divert from the main purpose of the activity. The number of ideas that came out of the group were also very good. We also had a JCI senator from Nigeria who gave us a real example on how his Chapter in Nigeria monitored the educational progress of a Nigerian girl up to her tertiary education. Now that she is working, she has also become a member of JCI through the same local chapter. It was also clear that we could not have a solid and rigid resolution. We opted on how we will work on it rather than having specific actions because each local realities are different from each other. In the end we came up with the following points:

   * Working with relevant UN MDG professionals 

   * The need for assessment at local level

   * Put active citizenship framework into practice

   * Create more visibility with our MDGs action (e.g a JCI Day)

   * Exchange information and experience (amongst ourselves) - connect and share


Afterwards, we saw the presentations of each group and then the moderators of all groups worked after the conference day to create a resolution that will be presented at World Congress. The most important part for me is that we are already working as active global citizens and thus already making a difference.

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26th Jun, 2011

JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Day 2
by Faisal Mooraby on June 26, 2011 21:53



Events » UN building.jpgDay 2

On Day 2, we heard from various notable speakers on how the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are progressing and what are various actors are doing on the ground. But we also heard how the world is failing the most vulnerable, thus emphasising the importance of the global partnership with JCI. Many countries have signed the MDG treaty but the reality is far from the ideal. Many countries are negligent, corrupted or implementing inefficient strategies. 

Corinne Woods, Director of UN Millennium Campaign, believed that more can be done on mobilising individuals of against the scourges of the communities and the future looks promising with the cocktail of people power and technology. The website has managed to collect complaints related to the MDG from different communities and published them online. But the information is not worth it if we do not utilise and mobilise people accordingly to eradicate the issues. 

Gillian Sorensen, Director of the UN Foundation,also explained the good works being made on the ground but expressed that we should not mixed idealism and realism together - although idealism is a great starting point. She also pointed out that our voice, i,e the voice of our organisation, is heard at the UN. She urged us to look at our own communities to work on the MDG.

Rufus Hall, CEO and founder of The Orchids in the UK, however, admitted that this whole experience was new to him. But we were all fascinated by his presentation which showed that a business does not always have to be mainly profit related. For him, it's mainly about his employees, clients and communities. His presentation was highly motivating that a fellow JCI mentioned to him that his company ticked off all what JCI should be doing, and also convincing him to encourage his employees to join our organisation. 

We had a panel discussion in the second part of the day with speakers Christopher Drasbek (Senior Advisor for Pan American Health Organization), Lisa Nitze (CEO and President of Social Enterprise Alliance), Robert Jenkins (Associate Director of Planning, Policy and Guidance of UNICEF) and Jeffrey Whitford (Global Citizenship Manager of Sigma-Aldrich). In the discussion, we were made aware of the rise of social entrepreneurship and why companies are more and more interested in them. Evidence shows financial benefits that companies can acquire by investing in the philanthropic desires of its employees. Happy employees certainly make a health business. But also, no business can be healthy in an unstable and unhealthy community. 

As a collective group, we can make our partners aware of the benefits in investing in our community. As individuals, we can convince our employers to take such directions. But what fascinate me, as ever, are (1) the business skills that can be gained through convincing our partners or employers, (2) the visibility we bring to ourselves at work or within our community, (3) the progress we can bring to our community at a local or global level, and (4) the personal reward we will obtain that money can buy - priceless!

At the end of the day 2 conference, we were privilege to network even more with other Jaycees. The Philippines-New York Jaycees organised a wonderful network event not far from Time Square. We were on a balcony in the open, privilege with a magnificent view of Time Square and shiny sky scrappers. Meeting more fellow JCI members in such a semi-official way is rewarding and in my opinion, was another level in networking - bonding.   Day 2 was fabulous in information and ideas on how we can help achieve the MDG.

Day 2 has already spun my mind in searching for ideas in how I can help my local community in achieving the MDGs. 

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23rd Jun, 2011

JCI Reading June Newsletter - Making and Taking Opportunities
by Stephen Wells 2011-12 President of JCI Reading, and Founder of on June 23, 2011 13:20


To me Life is about recognising, making and taking opportunities.

Since I have been in JCI I have done my best to recognise the opportunities around me (otherwise I would not be in the position to write you this email today!). I am sure that some have let some slip by and I will encourage everybody to consider the little instances that occur daily that if taken will turn into something bigger down the road.

My first big JCI opportunity was the World congress in Tunisia 2009. Carrie randomly mentioned she had a fantastic deal on accommodation for her and her partner and as I had not taken a holiday in a while I booked it.

I have not looked back, mainly because I have not had time! (In a good way) I have been caught up by a fantastic organisation and group of people that have supported, encourage challenged me, and at times there have been frustrations. I am sure that I have also given back encouragement, support and challenges along with my fair share of frustrations, through which we have all come out the other side and have all grown from the experience.

Another excellent example of taking opportunities is Faisal Mooraby. Not only has Faisal recently taken a year off work to go back to study but he is currently in New York at the JCI / UN Global Partnership Summit! Talk about grabbing the opportunities around you with both hands.

So what opportunities have you missed recently? Could you have done with learning more about how to have a confident presence, or learn a little more about networking skills and how to work a room?

Well the old saying of 'It's never too late' is always true, take your first step into JCI by attending our Networking Thursday, or Fast-track the reading of those business books that you keep meaning to read, with our Intro to speed reading. Or challenge yourself to find out about the real you, How you make choices and how to really enjoy everything you do.

If you have any questions about any of the events, JCI or how to recognise your opportunities then Drop me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.

Council team » steve-sig.jpg

If you wish to view the full JCI Reading Newsletter click the link

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23rd Jun, 2011

Make better use of your time.
by Stephen Wells 2011-12 President of JCI Reading, and Founder of on June 23, 2011 10:41


We all receive a myriad of information on a daily basis, Text, Twitter, Facebook, Emails, even good old fashioned newspapers and book.

Working out the best way to cope with all this information, ensuring you are able to quickly and effortlessly absorb and understand it is vital to managing your time efficiently.

So what can you do about it all?

One simple solution is to be able to process it and decide if you need to know it faster. The thing you need to know from this blog post is check out the JCI Reading Speed Reading workshop on 30th June  

Where you will have your reading speed measured, be introduced to the basics of speed reading and have a chance to practice and improve your reading speed.


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22nd Jun, 2011

JCI - UN Global Partnership Summit - Intro and Day 1
by Faisal Mooraby on June 22, 2011 13:07


Events » Faisal-UN.jpg

JCI is an incredible organization that offers extraordinary opportunities of making its members active global citizens. The JCI UN partnership summit is a typical example.

The JCI UN partnership summit 2011 focus, like in 2010, is on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The MDG, initiated by former UN Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, has eight main targets which must be achieved by 2015. The eight goals set and agreed by 23 countries are:

    * Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

    * Achieve universal primary education

    * Promote gender equality and empower women

    * Reduce child mortality rates

    * Improve maternal health

    * Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

    * Ensure environmental sustainability

    * Develop a global partnership for development

The United Nations recognizes the potential of JCI and has acknowledged the contribution that our organization can contribute to achieve these targets.

What fascinates me is not only how I, as member of JCI, can contribute positively towards a better world, but also how my active participation and contribution in the MDG can also nurture my leadership and business skills. This fact applies definitely to all the 200+ participation at the summit.

New York

It's my first time in New York and so far it has impressed me deeply. Although skyscrapers are not exclusive to the United States anymore, it has to be noted that New York has had them for more than a century. The Empire States building is even more iconic when you see it for real, and especially at night. The pencil shaped building stands up majestically in the city - and so do many other buildings.

Day 1


Registration was brief and straightforward. We were given our kit, with program, folder and stationery. Straight away I was warmly greeted by registrants from Senegal and Togo. Later on I met members from 11 other countries (plus a senator of JCI Reading) - which highlights how global JCI is.

The Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was very emotional, with a video on the MDG and the suffering that the most vulnerable have to go through everyday. Then a video on the history of JCI followed. Secretary General Kodama rightly selected the two videos for the summit.

Mr. Kodama also read a letter straight from the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, which urged JCI to convince more companies to sign the MDG agreement. Personally, I believe JCI Reading can achieve such target.


By the end of the opening ceremony, it was clear to me that I wanted to contributed to the MDG and become and global active citizen. I could also clearly see the benefits that I can gain in participating in the program. The positive atmosphere and the emphasis by the chair people on seeking concrete solutions were highly energizing.

After the ceremony, it was all about networking. It was a chance for me to put in what I have learnt from the JCI training in Reading into practice. I presented myself to individuals from more than 13 countries.

Day 1 started with a bang for me and the opportunities, for JCI, the UN and the individuals, are amazing. I would never have had such experience without JCI. What is amazing is that it's there for any JCI members to embrace.

I will be posting more updates soon, so please come back to find out what happens next.

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15th Jun, 2011

JCI UK World Congress Delegate Package 2011
by Stephen Wells 2011-12 President of JCI Reading, and Founder of on June 15, 2011 10:30


Carrie Green (JCI Reading 2010 President and JCI UK 2011 International Director) has just released details of the first part of the World Congress 2011 Delegate package.

Follow the link above to view the details of the Eurostar (we are looking at getting everyone out on the same train) so that we can start the fun as soon as we can.

You can also sign up to be notified about the rest of the package as it it finalised even if you are not planning on getting the Eurostar or are looking at different dates.

There is a very short dealine for booking your place on this as Eurostar only give shortterm quotes for group bookings. So make sure you sign up for the delegate package now.


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2nd Jun, 2011

Confident Presence - Training Review
by Diane Edgington on June 2, 2011 16:44



Confident Presence - Training Review

Date: Thursday 19th May 2011

Venue: Positive Computing, 252-256 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4HP

“Confident Presence” is an excellent, highly interactive training session which was led by Solveig Malvik, giving participants an opportunity to explore how to build a confident presence through the use of body language, spoken words and positive status.

This session for JCI Reading was designed to provide practical tips and techniques for achieving a more confident presence, particularly in the workplace.  Throughout the course of the session, Solvig demonstrated how the 10 participants could ensure their presence was appropriate for the situation and to make improvements through lots of practice.

The key areas we looked into were:

- First impressions,

- The elements of charisma, and

- How you can make the subconscious work with you, not against you.

The training workshop took place over 2 hours in Reading and was very much an interactive session that certainly kept us on our feet!  

I particularly enjoyed the practice session role playing as an overly confident cleaner with a shy and lacking in confidence CEO.  Its amazing how awkward you can feel acting in a role but with the wrong characteristics!  Very interesting.  

By the end of the session, we had a good understanding of the theory, as well as have practised, experienced the benefits and were well on our way towards a strong and confident presence.


The training was provided by Solveig Malvik, JCI UK National Deputy President 2011, Certified Local Trainer, Immediate Past President JCI London, JCI UK Marketing Director 2011. 

What do people say about Solveig Malvik and the Confident Presence Workshop?

“I had the chance of attending the body language training given by Solveig in Beirut. Solveig’s dynamism and engaging style of delivery turned the session into a pleasant and practical experience to learn. Solveig added a new perspective into my understanding of body language."

Roland Haddad

On behalf of all those who participated in the training, thank you Solvig for a great session, it was very interesting, food for thought and good fun!



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17th May, 2011

Know how to walk into a room?
by Stephen Wells 2011-12 President of JCI Reading, and Founder of on May 17, 2011 11:47


If you want to ensure that you make the right first impressions so that people really listen to you, make sure you come along to our Workshop on Confident Presence this Thursday (19th May)       

Solveig Malvik will be covering:

  • First impressions,
  • The elements of charisma, and
  • How you can make the subconscious work with you, not against you

Register for Workshop on Confident Presence - JCI Reading in To Be Confirmed  on Eventbrite


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21st Apr, 2011

JCI Scotland National Conference 2011 - Review
by Diane Edgington on April 21, 2011 15:22


JCI Scotland National Conference 2011

Hosted by JCI Aberdeen

15 – 17 April 2011

Park Inn Hotel, Aberdeen

What a fabulous experience to attend my first JCI Scotland National Conference in Aberdeen which took place at the brand new Park Inn Hotel, Aberdeen from Friday 15th – Sunday 17th April 2011.    

I believe that conferences are one of the great opportunities that we have within JCI to meet fellow members, not only from the UK and Scotland, but also from other national organisations throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  This weekend we had JCI members from JCI Scotland, JCI Ireland, JCI UK, JCI Belgium and JCI Ghana.  It was a great turnout. 

It’s true that conferences provide a great opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old acquaintances (often in the bar until the wee small hours!) They also give delegates the chance to meet, learn and grow through participation in motivational and informative training sessions, which was certainly the case this weekend in Aberdeen.

 It was an action packed weekend in the granite city of Aberdeen.  The conference team, lead by conference Director Gordon McCarlie successfully put together a varied programme of events over the weekend and most definitely something to suit every taste.  Conference Team included: Steven Wilson, Emma Stephenson, Euan Gillies, Pam Cradock and Claire McBain.  Thank you all for a great weekend!

Weekend Agenda:

Friday 15 April

15:00 JCI Scotland National Council Meeting & Registration

19:00 National Public Speaking Competition

20:00 Buffet supper

21:00 National Debating Competition

Saturday 16 April

09:00 Training: Team Building

09:00 Training: Project Planning and JCI Areas of Opportunity

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Business Speakers: Beyond the Business Barriers with Andrew Laing, Sir Moir Lockhead and George Yule

13:00 Lunch, hotel restaurant

14:15 Optional walking tour

18:00 Pre dinner drinks reception

18:30 Black Tie Gala Dinner, National Awards Ceremony and Céilidh

 Sunday 17 April

11:00 Farewell Brunch

Just a short flight from London Heathrow to Aberdeen for me, Friday evening kicked off with the National Public Speaking Competition and National Debating Competition – both of which were excellent events to watch and such a high standard of entrants from JCI Aberdeen and JCI Edinburgh. 

 The winners were announced during the National Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening and congratulations to JCI Aberdeen on both counts, especially to Euan Gillies on his very impressive Public Speaking, well done!

 Saturday morning, participants had an opportunity to attend training seminars:

Ismail Haznedar ran an informative training session about JCI areas of opportunity and project planning.

 Emma Eastwood delivered a fun and interactive session on Team Building. During the session participants learnt something about themselves and how it feels to work with different type of team members.  One of the fun team activities was to build an egg carrier…great fun!

 The key note Business Speakers led an interesting discussion on ‘Beyond the Business Barriers’ with Andrew Laing, Sir Moir Lockhead and George Yule.  A valuable session and some great business lessons to learn.

Saturday afternoon was an interesting walking tour around the city of Aberdeen and an opportunity to really explore the city.  I was impressed and will definitely visit again!

The evening event on Saturday, an impressive black tie gala dinner, followed by JCI Scotland National Awards Ceremony was a great success.  Congratulations to all the winners, especially to JCI Aberdeen and to Arlene Hutchinson, JCI Aberdeen IPP who so deservedly won so many awards during the course of the evening, including the very prestigious award of JCI Senator.  Congratulations to my good friend and very well done, you deserve it! 

The weekend closed with a fabulous farewell brunch on Sunday at the Park Inn hotel…a final opportunity to say our goodbyes and recap on the weekends activities. 

In summary, a fantastic weekend was had by all, both socially and through the motivational and informative training sessions and key note speakers. 

 Thank you JCI Scotland for a truly great weekend in Aberdeen!

 A few words on our trainers and key note speakers:


Ismail Haznedar

Emma Eastwood

 Business Speakers:

Andrew Laing - Aberdeen Asset Managment

Sir Moir Lockhead - First Group

George Yule - Dominion Gas


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21st Apr, 2011

“How to work a room” – Networking Training Review
by Diane Edgington on April 21, 2011 10:54



“How to work a room” – Networking Training

Date: Thursday 14th April 2011

Venue: Copa Bar, 76-78 King's Road, Reading RG1 3BJ

Walking into a room with total strangers can be terrifying, even for experienced networkers.  This is so true!  The aim of this session was to feel more confident in attending events and creating new contacts and I’m confident that all those who attended the session agree that we certainly achieved this.

Throughout this session of practical training we covered quite an array of topics on networking including:

- How to prepare for networking

- How and when to initiate conversations

- How and when to break into group conversations

- How to end conversations

- How to follow up on contacts

“How to work a room” is an excellent, highly interactive training session which was led by Solveig Malvik and Sarah Beckwith, giving participants an opportunity to learn to practice and develop their networking skills.  The session demonstrated how the 14 participants could structure and ‘sell’ themselves more effectively throughout the course of the session with some very handy key tips.

A key focus was answering the questions “What do you do?” and “how do you do it?” and

providing responses both in partners and feeding back to the rest of the group using the key tips of being clear, to the point and highlighting how you add value.    

Participants had plenty of opportunities throughout the session to practice developing their networking skills, through group work, practice and providing constructive feedback. 

Some of the key tips we learned and practiced throughout the session included:  

- Introductions and the all important 30 second elevator pitch

- Name badges (top right of clothing)

- Business cards

- Handshakes (eye contact, smiling, firm handshake/interlock)

- Preparation (questions to ask/starting conversations)

- Listening

- Body language

- Make people like you by allowing them to talk about themselves (my personal favourite tip!)


Training was provided by Solveig Malvik, JCI UK National Deputy President 2011, Certified Local Trainer, Immediate Past President JCI London, JCI UK Marketing Director 2011. 

Solveig was assisted by Sarah Beckwith, President JCI London 2011.

Finally, on behalf of all those who participated, thank you Solveig and Sarah for a great session, it was very useful, informative and good fun!


If this sounds like it would have been of interest to you please check out Solveig's next workshop which includes making the best first impression.





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